The Sickness of Health

Dr. Kunal Sarkar

Dr. Kunal Sarkar

The Sickness of Health by Dr. Kunal Sarkar traces the beginning of medicine to the time of
Hippocrates in 5th century BC. Since then modern medicine as we know it today has come a
long way. Contrary to popular belief, Ayurveda, Unani, homeopathy and allopathy depict the
evolution of medicine across different eras. Allopathy, which is the last branch, is hoisted by
pillars of contemporary science.    However, modern medicine and healthcare in India are not free from afflictions. Political
tussles and corporate policies that only aim to fulfill their own interests, have left the doctors
and the patients in the lurch. Drawing a parallel with the Western practice, Dr. Kunal Sarkar
writes in detail about the sickness that tend to jeopardize the healthcare industry and ways to
recuperate from it.


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