Binayak Bandyopadhyay

Binayak Bandyopadhyay

Archana Mondal is a meritorious teacher who is in love with Achin Banerjee, a corporate executive. All is well in their paradise except that Archana is trapped – within her own dogmas of casteism. The privileges and jabs that she has had to confront since childhood on account of her ‘Scheduled Caste’ have left an indelible mark on her mind which seem to govern all her thoughts, actions and perspectives. Nagging doubts and insecurities about her societal position versus that of Achin’s continue to threaten her otherwise happy relationship. Will love overcome these hurdles and debunk the social constructs? Binayak Bandopadhyay weaves a fascinating novel about a socially and culturally poignant issue in the most relatable way.


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