November 2023 : Banglar Apadebota

This month’s cover story is an enthralling piece on ‘Banglar Apadebota’ – deities, specific to localities and regions, who are believed to inflict harm if not worshipped the right way. Featuring 9 spooky stories by Chumki Chatterjee, Anwesha Roy, Ramyani Goswami, Bidarshi Chakraborty, Amrita Koner, Pradipkumar Das, Kamalesh Kumar, Debraj Chakraborty and Koushik Sengupta.The mystery series by Rajasri Basu Adhikary titled ‘Cryonics Rahasya’ is there as well to reader’s delight. Dr.Rudrajit Pal has penned an enlightening piece on the origin of vaccines in India. Featuring Chora-Kobita by Amitabha Gangopadhyay, Kanak Thakur and Shiboprosad Bhoumik. This apart, featuring comics/graphic novel including Boro Payer Khonje and Bebhulor Pallaye by Tridib Chatterjee, Chiku-Munu by Onkarnath Bhattacharya and Burocracy by Dr.Sayan Pal. Featuring the usual columns and articles of Amader Kotha, Tomader Daftar and Tomra Bolcho!


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